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Best Garden Water Features

A stunning water feature can really enhance your outdoor space. Not only are they great to look at, the sound of water falling, splashing or flowing creates a serene atmosphere. Perfect for relaxing with a cup of tea or coffee. Read more about our Best Garden Water Features below.

Things to consider when choosing a water feature:

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When I think of water features, I get all excited with butterflies in my stomach. Yes call me a garden geek, but there is just something about water and gardens that complement one another. However before you go and take the leap into water feature gardening, there are a few things to consider.

Checklist for the Best Garden Water Features

  • Is the water feature going to be self contained? We recommend that you opt for a water feature that is a self contained unit. This means it will recycle the water used in the display. This is great because you only need to top up any water that escapes due to spillage (or splashing) and evaporation. Water features that require a constant water source can be high maintenance and costly to operate.
  • Do you have access to power? To filter the water from the bottom of the feature back to the top requires a source of power to operate the pump. Generally speaking, a connection to the main electrical grid is the solution. Some smaller water features are solar powered, however these features will require more maintenance to keep the water clean when the pump is not operating.
  • Filters? It is great to listen to the sound of flowing water, however there are a few things that you need to maintain to ensure the flow continues. When you choose a water feature look out for places that can collect debris and other foreign objects. You should be maintaining and cleaning your water feature at least monthly, if not every other month.
  • Style over substance. Believe me, I know it is easy to fall in love with a water feature you see on display in a garden store. However before you take the plunge, step back for a moment and ask yourself. Does it fit with the overall style and feel of the garden (check out our tips below for styling)? Will it fit the position you are thinking of placing the feature?

Now we have out checklist in mind, lets look at a few different styles of water features you can consider.

Types of Garden Water Features


Every water feature doesn’t have to be grandeur or lavish like the one in the above garden.

Small water features can be as effective, if not more. Check out this quaint little water feature with accompanying flowers below. The rustic look of the water spout would fit perfectly into a cottage garden setting. In addition, the water feature is not too large, so as to not dominate the garden.

rock water feature

If you are a fan of fish and would consider incorporating them into your garden, then maybe this is a opportunity to combine two projects.

Using water features to oxygenate the water for the fish is a great way of tying the two outdoor features together. It also helps to keep the water cleaner, as the fish act as a natural filtering system.

Remember to also include some aquatic plants for the fish and water. These too will keep the water clean, resulting in less maintenance for you.


Sometimes the best water features are the ones that naturally blend into the garden surrounding it. Take a look at the image below that incorporates a miniature water fall hidden among the ferns. This style of feature is suitable for most garden styles as the natural look makes it look like it is part of the scenery.

Here is another example of a natural water feature. What we like about this particular feature is that the water appears to be flowing back into the ground. This accentuates the natural feel of the feature. It also creates intrigue as to how the water is bubbling out of stone!


Water features are an asset to any outdoor space.

It is no secret that we love and try to incorporate them into all our gardens.

Make sure you go through each point of the checklist that we detailed in our article above to cover off on all the important points to consider.

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