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Deck Privacy Ideas

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So you’ve got a deck.

You can finally start enjoying the outdoors.

Or maybe your thing is sitting on the deck reading a book with a cup of tea by your side?

But…you’ve got a problem…the neighbors or people passing by on the street can see everything! What you need is some deck privacy ideas!

Privacy from neighbor
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Don’t despair because we have put together a list of the best deck privacy ideas below.

Trees – Nature’s Walls

One of the best and naturally occurring privacy screens are tall trees and shrubs (or low bushes).

Not only do trees shield unwanted prying eyes from seeing inside your deck, they also attract birds and wildlife to your garden and can provide much needed shade on those hot summer days.

Take a look at how the tall trees in the picture below creates a green wall giving the effect of privacy and protection.

privacy deck ideas
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In the house’s garden below the shrubbery and tall trees combination is perfect for creating a separating screen for the little patio. Great for keeping the styling of the garden natural and green, without having to erect any unsightly walls.

bushes for privacy
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Be Creative with Furniture

Sometimes a little bit of resourcefulness and creativity can go a long way.

Try recreating some planter boxes with high back ends like the image below. You will create a privacy screen as well as add some additional planting space where there was none to begin with.

And even if you don’t think you have the necessary qualifications to be a designer, just take a look at the chair below.

An innovative individual purchased this piece from Ikea and redesigned it by painting it white and adding a decorative cushion to match her other patio furniture.

Not only does this chair now provide privacy and segregation to the patio area. It also doubles up as a place to sit and relax. And if you are familiar with our values at MGD – dual uses is always a winner in our books.

Build a Privacy Wall

Sometimes there isn’t room to plant a tree between your house and the neighbors fence.

In these instances we recommend building a privacy wall.

The house above has stylishly built a privacy wall with aged timber to tie in with the wooden stained deck. As you can see, not all privacy walls have to stick out like a sore thumb. With a bit of thought and research, it can actually become a feature of the deck or patio.

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Fancy a bit of DIY?
If you feel like you are up to creating a bit of privacy on your own you can check out a great step-by-step tutorial on for creating your own privacy screen HERE.

Train a Green Wall

Although this one may take a bit of time and patience, the end effect is spectacular and well worth the effort.

Climbing or trailing plants are fantastic to replace or cover a wooden privacy fence.

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Ivy is a good example of a climbing plant that will cover unsightly privacy walls. However, you will need a strong structure in place to support the ivy as it grows.

If you don’t have any structure to hold up a climbing plant, you may want to try trailing plants or hanging flowering planter boxes like the ones sold by Martha Stewart.

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The hanging planter boxes offer a nice green solution that can also add some color and dynamics to your patio. As the seasons change, your green wall will change with a myriad of colors and flowers.

Privacy Screen Plants

If you have the space around your deck or patio, try cultivating some of nature’s best privacy screen plants.

Low dense shrubbery, like in the picture below, is a great way to build up a natural privacy wall.

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Bamboo provides a dense and natural screen to shield any unwanted eyes. The benefit with bamboo is that it is fast growing (unlike other screen plants) and quite a hardy plant once it is established.

bamboo screen for privacy
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For a detailed tutorial on how to create your own bamboo screen from scratch check out our step-by-step tutorial on How to Grow Bamboo Screens. It is actually easier than you think.

Caution: Depending on the species, you may need to stay on top of the growth of the bamboo. We generally recommend the clumping species to avoid any spreading of the plant to unwanted areas of the garden. Find out more in the tutorial link above.


A deck or patio is a great asset to have in your home. However, sometimes you need to be a bit resourceful to keep that space private. We hope we have been able to inspire some ideas for your outdoor space with the concepts discussed in this article.

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