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Low Maintenance Flowers – Our Favorites

Owning a garden doesn’t mean you have to be tied to it. Watering, mowing, weeding, the list goes on…We have two words for you: LOW MAINTENANCE! Let’s discover the world of low maintenance flowers.

low maintenance flowers

What Does Low Maintenance Mean?

Before we dive into a list of our favorite low maintenance flowers, let’s define the characteristics that make these flowers so special.

The My Garden Designs definition of low maintenance flowers is:

  • Hardy and usually drought tolerant – on top of washing the clothes, preparing dinner and getting the kids to do their homework, the last thing you need on your to-do list is watering the garden. The simple solution – get drought tolerant plants!
  • Perennial – it is much easier to prepare your garden bed once and leaving it to grow and flourish. Leave the worries of finding new plants for next season and maintain a nice looking garden all year round!
  • Slow growing – as a gardener there is little more satisfying than watching your garden grow into your vision. However, watching it grow without the hassle of trimming and pruning every couple weeks does make a difference!
  • Disease and Insect resistant – it is disheartening seeing your efforts of creating a garden be decimated by insects and diseases. To avoid this frustration, choose wisely with plants that are known to be hardy and resistant to attacks.

Low Maintenance Flowers – Our Favorites List


marigold low maintenance flowers
Source: Unsplash

Marigold flowers are always a favorite in the MGD community. They are so easy to maintain once you get them in the ground, that they should be a staple in every garden.

Beside looking great, Marigolds also have additional benefits like they are a natural insect repellent, attract butterflies and bees. This means you can plant them with your vegetables to help keep them bug and insect free!


White daisy low maintenance flowers
Source: Unsplash

Daisies are a great inclusion in your garden. They are one of the most common flowers in gardens (and the wild) for a good reason. They are easy to grow.

There are many varieties of daisies to choose from, so make sure you take a look at the label before you purchase.

One of our favorite daisy varieties is called the Shasta Daisy. This particular variety is a hardy perennial flower with large blooms.

As long as you plant these little resilient flower bushes in some good soil and a well sunlit position, you won’t have much else to do but appreciate the continuous blossoms.

Bird of Paradise

bird of paradise low maintenance flower

When you first look at this tropical flower, your first thoughts aren’t exactly low maintenance. However, as beautiful as the Birds of Paradise are, they are a hardy drought-tolerant plant. And a fantastic feature flower for any outdoor space.

Their large leaves fan out giving a green lush feel to the garden. The flowers, although slow to grow, bloom all year round, and are great to inject color into those drab winter months.

Simply plant in some well-drained soil and watch this colorful flower thrive.

Iris Sibirica

iris low maintenance flower

These beauties will fill your garden with striking blue/purple flowers and vibrant green grass-like foliage.

Iris flowers are best grown in abundance (to have the best effect) and prefer a sunny position, although part shade is fine.

They are drought tolerant and great for a low maintenance flower to fill the lower levels of a garden.


salvia low maintenance flower

Although these look very similar to Lavendar, the Salvia flower is quite different.

The Salvia Nemorosa variety (pictured above) is a very hardy little plant. It can survive patches of dry spells and only requires a trim back once a year.

Left alone Salvia’s will blossom a few times a season providing color and a beautiful fragrance to any garden.

Purple is the most common variety, however different colors are now becoming more available, such as pinks or whites.


Owning a beautiful low maintenance garden is not difficult when you know which plants to include.

By including some of the varieties of flowers we have mentioned in this article, your garden will be flourishing in no time with little to no maintenance. So all you need to do is grab a cup of tea and sit back and enjoy the ambiance.

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