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Outdoor Lighting Ideas for your Garden

Lighting is an important element for every garden. Lighting can be used to create an intimate and cosy atmosphere. Or it can be used with great effect to highlight particular features of the garden. Discover outdoor lighting ideas with our collection of garden designs.

When you hear outdoor lighting, your first thought is most probably fairy lights strung up around the garden fence. However, as much as we love them, strings of fairy lights are not your only option.

In this article we are going to explore the different options you have for lighting up your garden to it’s best potential. There are so many different ways to incorporate lights into a garden. And (as we always say) it is only limited by your imagination.

Lighting Fundamentals and Tips

Party Lights

Source: Unsplash

What is your garden about?

To successfully use lighting elements in your garden, you need to understand which parts of the garden you want to draw attention to. Ask yourself these questions…

Is it a particular tree that you are proudly showcasing?

Do you have a collection of statues that are hidden by surrounding garden by day, but make a lit up appearance at night?

Do you have a meandering path that you want wanderers to follow?

Rustic outdoor lighting

Source: Unsplash

Now that you have an idea which areas of the garden you want to light up, let’s look at some eye catching creative ideas.

Overhead Lighting Ideas

Overhead lights are a good way to inject some flair into your outdoor spaces. Since the lights are above the eye line, they are going to catch any onlookers attention. Think of overhead lights as a way to complement the style of your space. If you are going for a rustic country kitchen look, try using mason jars as light covers (like the images above and below).


Or check out this feature lighting DIY chandelier making use of an old ladder.


The great thing is the unique and eye catching nature of the overhead lighting. Try not to underestimate how effective and engaging lighting can be.

Pathway Outdoor Lighting Ideas

Let’s now look to the ground.

Lighting up the pathway is not only eye catching. It is also important for those occasions when you are outside after dark. However pathway lights don’t always have to be dull. Take a look at these pathway lighting ideas for a touch of difference.


If you are starting with a blank canvas, before you decide on your footpath materials and design, put some thought into the lighting aspects.

Should you build lighting into the footpath for low maintenance and a sleek modern design?

Think outside the box! Use the light as a feature a light it up in patterns like the LED pathway lamps below.


Communal Outdoor Lighting Ideas

We all know what makes a great outdoor space, are the times you spend out there with your friends and loved ones. So make sure to put some thought into how you are going to light up those moments.

Here are a few outdoor lighting ideas for those communal areas.


And make sure to tie in the lighting elements into the theme and style. Like this country kitchen style outdoor space, with old style lanterns as lights.


Unique Outdoor Lighting Ideas

If you are a regular reader in the My Garden Designs community you will know we love a touch of difference and creativity. So we have put together a collection of some unique outdoor lighting ideas that will make your outdoor space stand out from the crowd.


Don’t miss the opportunity to use re-purposed items from around the house in the garden as lighting ornaments. Such as how Jessica Paster re-purposed this old water can for a lighting feature in the garden (below).



Lighting is an important element to bring your outdoor space to life. Lighting can be used to highlight a garden feature, statue or tree. Or it can be used in practical circumstances, such as for guiding people on the footpath after dark.

With all the creative designs we have included in this article, you won’t be short of ideas for your next outdoor project.

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