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Patio Layout Design Ideas

A good patio layout design is crucial for making the most of an outdoor space. Too little space and people will be fighting for a chair. Too much space and guests will feel distant and disconnected.

To help you create the perfect entertaining space we have collected our favorite patio layout design pictures.

We also identify the wins with each design so you can incorporate the successful features into your design.

So whether you are starting from scratch or redesigning an old worn out space, we have plenty of ideas to help you create a beautiful, functional patio layout design.

Large Entertaining Patio Layout Design

Here are a few ideas for larger areas for entertaining guests.

Generally spaces designed for larger numbers have different areas for people to mingle and gather. For example, the below design has a lounging area for people to relax. Alongside the lounges is a more formal dining table that can sit ten people. Perfect for parties and gathering with families. Parents sitting at the table while the kids run around the lounge chairs.


If you can afford the luxury of different levels for your patio design, consider having split areas for different purposes.

In the below image, the patio design has two distinct areas of use. The upper level is great for dining and hosting a barbecue on a balmy summer night. Where as the lower level is great for sipping hot cocoa around a fire on a chilly autumn evening.


Gather Around the Fire

As we saw in the above image, a great place for holding gatherings or bonding over a drink is around a fire pit.

So many great ideas begin around a fire. Moreover, if the feature of a fire wasn’t enough, it has dual purposes – providing heating while looking great! For those of you in the MGD comunity, you know we are all about dynamic purpose items.

If a fire pit sounds like a good idea to you check out some of our favorite fire pits here.


Create an Outdoor Room with Height

When it comes to outdoor design, a rookie mistake is to concentrate all your efforts on below the eye line. However, using the space above can transform an outdoor space from good to great.

Lighting is always a good way to invent an intimate and comfortable space. For example, the design below has incorporated lighting elements with fairy lights to tie in with the candle lighting below.


In this image, a pergola style arbor creates the illusion of an outdoor room. Perfect for making the most of your space, especially if you have a small home.


Another example of an outdoor room, but this time it is enclosed to protect from the weather elements.


The design below shows what can be achieved with an extension from the house. The long wooden lines allow streams of sunlight into the house and alfresco area, while giving the effect of a large room.



We hope by now your outdoor patio layout design is taking shape. When it comes to patio designs, you have a fantastic opportunity to really express your inner creativity.

In addition, if done properly, you can achieve the effect of extending your house by adding an outdoor room.

It is important to understand these are the areas that will used most frequently in the back yard. So if possible, incorporate allowances for your areas to be extended to cater for larger groups.

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